• What is Tanobel Food?

    Tanobel Food is a corporate  identity that comprises of a group of companies. Owned by Tanoko family, this  company has a vision to be a world class food and beverage company producing  innovative and high quality products.

  • Is it true that Tanobel products have world-class quality?

    Yes. It is proven by international certification owned by the company, ISO 9001. Tanobel Food on behalf of PT Sariguna Primatirta is also the first bottled water manufacturer in Indonesia to obtain ISO 22000:2005 on food safety management.

  • What are the products?
    At present, Tanobel Food products include Cleo Pure Water, Anda Bottled Drinking Water, Anda Fruit Juice, Isotonik Drink, Milk, Tea and Juice with no preservatives.
  • Where is Tanobel Food factory location?

    Tanobel factories are strategically located in various cities in
    Indonesia, that comprises of: Pandaan, Bogor, Kudus, Jember, Makassar,
    Banjarmasin, Medan, Denpasar, Central Lombok, Samarinda, Madura,
    Bandung, Serang, Bekasi, and many other big cities.

  • How to contact Tanobel?

    Please contact PT Sariguna  Primatirta, Jalan A. Yani 41-43 Gedangan, Komp. Central  Square Gudang F1, Sidoarjo. Call  center: 0800-111-2536.  Email: customer@tanobelfood.com.

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